september 12 - 18
Not all is well under the umbrella of interpersonal relationships this week. You could be disappointed in personal relationships and disillusioned at workplace this week. It is best to move forward with self-esteem and confidence to avoid further disappointment as you prove to be right in your approach and achieve more success independently.

A Scorpio or Aries person is going to interact with you with regard to some property mattes. It is best that you don't take any decision with regard to property or vehicle sale / purchase for couple of weeks.
September 19 - 25
Encouraged by the good progress report of your efforts, you advance ahead with more courage and determination. All along you'll be supported by good luck. Fortune favours the bold. You are an unstoppable force now who knows his path to success very well. You are making / renewing contacts, collaborations, tie-up / partnership to accelerate your speed. You have all the resources in terms of time, money and ideas to take the giant step.

You are being blessed by the Divine in the form of good health, energy, and noble guidance.

Be very professional and diplomatic with clients and this is the key to success.
September 26 - October 2
Your energy encourages you to bring more happiness, hope and enlightenment into the lives of others, especially your close relatives, friends, neighbours or the social network.

You encourage and support them to weave new dreams into their lives, and to help them live better in the world.

Your success grows, attracting people who appreciate your compassion to raise their consciousness to a new level.
October 3 - 9
The prosperity is quite visible from your lifestyle and body language. Friends envy you and your company in the parties is enjoyable.

You are socializing, mingling with friends and networking easily and smoothly like a fish swimming in the water. You social connections are expansive and scintillating.

If already a parent, your children get full attention along with the spouse. There are a lot of romance-filled moments spilling over to the next week also.

Chances of long distance journeys are very high. These journeys might be commercial or professional.
October 10 - 16
Family, home and parents can be demanding about quality time from you, but also give you the support and affection you need. You are quite generous in family matters.

Your energy level is high and you need to retain it, however beware of taking on too much physical work and movement or you can tire yourself out and a health problem can come up.

Drive carefully as your mind runs faster than your vehicle. Focus on yourself and take responsibility for your well-being and happiness.
October 17 - 23
You will get expected support from your spouse and other family members. .

Romance is in the air for those single or those in early stage or superficial relationship status. Your relationship will go ahead with your partner. You will make better understanding in between you and your lover/beloved. Overall, it is best period for love and romance.
October 24 - 30
Inner and outer transformations are expected this week. You go in for changes in your life which are work- related or are in connection with your domestic life - it is your choice but in the long run - one will affect the other.

Priorities and values change as you take on new professional projects and explore lucrative opportunities for expansion. Be rational to achieve success at work and harmony at home.

A few separate issues are highlighted and demand your attention. It is time to take action and let peace and harmony prevail.
October 31 - November 6
Business projects move steadily towards completion and deadlines can be nerve-racking. Professional opportunities demand decision making which are not so easy to take. Finance need to be budgeted and you must wait before making a big investment.

During this period, even if you are feeling tired or just lazy, it is advisable not abandon projects on the brink of success. Meditation brings rejuvenation on all levels of consciousness.

A creative plan actualizes at the end of the week. Relaxation and serenity replace anxiety and chaos.
November 7 - 13
This is a good week to tackle matters regarding finances, partnership, property, business and legalities.

You manage your business affairs with competence as opportunities come and developments take place.

This week, there is a feeling of peace and contentment after a period of competing and working hard. If you want to keep stress away then your professional ventures should not be over-ambitious - as the right time for undertaking big professional investment is yet to come.
November 14
Time and fortune will throw the spotlight at you, your activities, your ideas and your health. You will be very confident with the clarity of your thoughts.

If employed, your service conditions will definitely improve and chance of getting promotion is very strong. There is certain amount of wish fulfillment which generally means gains in dealings or promotions in the hierarchy of the organization you work for. You will get all kind of support from your coworkers and subordinates.

Little care regarding your health is required. Start the routine of regular workout and when it comes to food, eat healthy and nourishing food.
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