september 12 - 18
By all means, career advancement is very possible for you, and with that comes greater responsibility. Your far-reaching ideas will be well rewarded. Your optimism helps you stay on the bright path, and you can overcome any stumbling block. You are learning lessons of self confidence and faith in the course of action, and it is helping you create a positive attitude and harmonious work environment. The world welcomes your positive energy of love and service to others. You see a higher purpose in your work, and this helps you focus on attaining your dreams. A business trip is on the cards.
September 19 - 25
You feel at your best when there is elegance in your life, so make sure you have beauty, music and art around to keep your spirits high and to enrich your relationships with those you love. Much healing takes place when you have someone close to you to share your life with. Reap the rewards, and you will encounter feelings that will become the basis for far-reaching transformation in your life. Be grateful for the love and bliss you are experiencing.

Joy and ecstasy bring you closer and let you experience grace and beauty - which is what you love so much about being in a one-on-one relationship. This is a good time to renew your vows and commitment with that special person in your life.

With regard to the aspect of banking and finance in your life, the other party will try to dominate and may even put clauses which are ridiculous and irritation. Well the best way out is to be firm, yet give him the feeling of importance, as such there is no problem, because both of you are equally matched.
September 26 - October 2
Continuing within the context of your communication abilities and your style of functioning, your role as a negotiator will be entirely dependant on your state of mind. There could be intense discussions in the family over some matter of domestic concern.

Depending on your attitude, you could invite argument, or tide over any difficult situation, using tact and presence of mind. This is the time, when your role should be a constructive one - for planning with a long term perspective in mind rather than let your thinking be clouded by feeling or emotions. To counter the negativity, do some creative projects or bring new ideas to the front. Despite facing exaggerated or radical opposition, you will do well. Give it all you' ve got and, like a pine tree in the wind, bend but do not break.
Do pay attention while driving or playing a risky sport - avoid accident and play safe. .
October 3 - 9
You tend be contended and in a relaxing mood this week. You think that you deserve this break and rightfully so.

A feeling of restfulness and peace passes when you taste inner silence, contentment and stillness. A job is well done and it is time to make a fresh beginning. New dimensions are waiting to be discovered.

Ensure that you follow up thoroughly on the new enquiries or new work on your desk - if you are not careful, your success graph may slide down. There is no substitute to sincerity and hard work if you want success over the long run also. It is best to share and delegate work and not carry the load yourself. Listen to your intuition when assessing new persons and proposals. Interest in art, drama, or media is quite possible these days.
October 10 - 16
You may feel professionally unstable and emotionally insecure for a while this week. At times, you may be inclined to think negatively and imagine the worst. Let me assure you that it is more of the perception than actual reality. None of your fears stand a chance to manifest, therefore, don't mentally torture yourself unnecessarily.

Although you may feel burdened by too much work or responsibility at this point, look at present situations from a higher perspective. Instead of feeling hurt and suffering, be patient and positive as thing turn around in a happy direction in just a short time. You always had the courage to face difficulties and intelligence to take up professional challenges. Your hard work makes your victory possible.
October 17 - 23
You may undertake a journey and visit a place connected with spirituality or of religious importance

On the personal front, you may be divided about situations and relationships, so wait for totality and clarity before making decisions. In some of the cases, a personal relationship comes to an end, while in some cases relationships could be strained this week if you are not clear.

At work, there might be differences of opinion and tempers may fly high. Before reaching such a stage, you may like to seek a senior person as the mediator. However, not every thing is so bleak. Have patience and something greater than what you had expected is waiting to happen for your good. You may surprise yourself and a friend with your achievements. An intelligent associate helps you out of a difficult situation at work at this point.
October 24 - 30
You will be astonished to find that your magnetic personality attracts right people and favorable situations. This week, you will be drawn to explore a combination of new activities - ranging from prayer and religion, to social and philanthropic causes. Higher values and concern for others are far more important to you now.

Trips for a variety of purposes are on the cards. Though you still handle your responsibilities as efficiently and sincerely as possible, a certain fatigue will be experienced and you will have to make conscious efforts to overcome it.
October 31 - November 6
Regardless of your level of energy and distractions, you carry on doing what you must. Your efforts to stand up to a cause of others are quite admirable. You are inspired with divine wisdom while resolving personal and professional conflicts. You get an important message from life this week, shattering some skepticism about your abilities and capabilities - as you look at the truth and realize your exact position.

Personal relationships change for the better and love blooms again, after you communicate and discuss problem. You organize an event to perfection and receive much appreciation.
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