september 12 - 18
You feel a little more internal, more reflective, and more introspective, this week. You are intuitive and creative, gaining the respect and friendships of people at home and at work. Also, you concern yourself with larger issues - society and the community, the environment, the disadvantaged, oppressed or weaker sections.

Look at present situations from a higher perspective. You are likely to spend your leisure and free time by relaxing and by enjoying the goodness of life to the maximum.

There would be this situation of good health and fine vitality for all Librans.
September 19 - 25
And this week makes for smooth sailing and peace of mind.

There is bliss at home, perfect harmony with your life partner, children and a remarkable contentment at work as well.

You reach a point of achievement and enjoy situations at home and at work. You are likely to buy a big ticket item, which brings excitement and enthusiasm as you get busy decorating and enjoying the new ambience and freedom at home / office. Some of you can expect to win a competition or gamble.
September 26 - October 2
A demanding week with the promise of great fulfillment. You will find your work not just interesting, but quite fascinating in itself.

The foreign connections will involve you, effectively and brilliantly, too.

Some of you may feel drawn or may actually get into the world of contemplations/ thought, even mysticism that you have been interesting yourself in.
October 3 - 9
You income will experience marked rise. But do plan well in advance. Do not divulge your core plans to any one.

Put in little effort and you will be able to recover your old dues. Keep your cash and valuables at a safer place and stay alert.

While crossing the road or driving your vehicles you should be more careful and cautious

Professionals should be careful while discharging duties. Any small mistake could be blown out of proportion by your enemies and can cost them their jobs.

You may maintain good health
October 10 - 16
There are intense feelings for family, especially parents and children. If you're working on some domestic project, respect everybody's views, especially the feelings of elders

While trying to please everybody, you may have confusion and a roller-coaster ride, even a clash.

A stiff resistance to change could also be possible. However, in the end, harmony will prevail and you will arrive at a decision with the consensus of all. Be sincere and charitable.
October 17 - 23
This period brings about pleasant feelings between you and your mate. Your relationship will be emotionally satisfying to you, and there will be opportunities to grow closer to each other through expressing your deepest inner feelings.

There is a feeling of trust, protection, devotion and appreciation toward you by your partner.

A group of activities will bring past matters or expectations into being. Use your creativity and experience to successfully face the challenges thrown by current situations.
October 24 - 30
Financially, you will look up this week as well as next. But simultaneously, keep an eye on your spending too. If you are planning to purchase a vehicle then take the delivery next week.

Professional may get busy with overseas links. Those seeking transfer will be able to get desired results.

There may be some obstructions during this phase but do not loose your will power
October 31 - November 6
People in the communications, media and sports business will flourish well. Increased income is also on the cards. Some of you may purchase a fixed asset.

Avoid being overconfident. Maintain cordial relations with your near and dear ones even if you are hard pressed for time. Remain soft and yielding in all aspects.

Domestic happiness is going to be promising. Travels will be gainful and fetching.
November 7 - 13
Career growth and finance are of prime importance and at the centre of your focus. But there is a change from the earlier weeks of 2011; now you are more organized, disposing of the files much faster.

You will realize that hard work coupled with good organizing capabilities and smart planning yields far better results than just vanilla hard work.

Keep yourself detached and remain calm when facing criticism at work.
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