Career (Trends & prospects) - Sample Report
Name: ABC
Date of Birth: 14th October 1949
Place: Burnet, Texas
Gender:  Male
Time:  01:01 AM
Report: Career 2011


We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared CAREER 2011.
This year is a mixed year for your career.
You may have better opportunities and will do well in general.
However your image will take a big hit and you may have to face much opposition.
There are chances of a change in job.
Gains are definitely indicated.


JAN 2011 :
This month there are chances of some travel.
There may be increase in misunderstandings.
Mind will be much tensed and you may get into some depressed mood.
There will be much increase in expenses.
However seniors will support you.
Family matters may interfere in your career life.
You may be pulled in many directions at one time.
Also there may be repetition of work that you do in this period, as it may not reach fulfillment.

FEB 2011 :
This month there can be some short journeys.
You will make use of your intelligence to take important decisions.
You will be recognized for the efforts.
However there can be some temporary set back or problem.
After 13th February you may find things becoming stagnant.
You will be fighting without any gain.
Communication is extremely important in this month.

MAR 2011 :
This month there are chances that after a set back you will rise.
You will have to be cautious and move with care.
It will be good to control any hasty actions particularly around the 14th.
Monetary gains are indicated.
There may be a change in job or work area which may turn out to be in your favor.

APR 2011 :
This month indicates losses after some gains.
You may become too optimistic and fail to see the important points.
You are advised to be careful in work as there may be things which are going against you.
Try not to do anything which is against the rule.
You may end up in some legal trouble.
However there is also a chance of earning money from sources other than regular income in this month.

MAY 2011 :
This is a very positive month for you.
You will be able to prove yourself to be a very strong person.
You will also be able to get respect and command people.
Your expenses will be much reduced.
There may be opportunities for travel which will be positive.
After the 13th of May you will be able to make some important changes. There will be good offers coming your way and even in the existing place you will be able to make a good image of yourself.

JUN 2011 :
This month there can be many enemies working against you.
You will have to be careful in dealing with those who are under you.
Your authority and leadership ability will see you through many positive occasion.
There are chances that you may be recognized for the intelligence or hard work you put int.
Try not to make any sudden plans for change.
Work in a group and you will be valued.

JUL 2011 :
This month there are likely to be more expenses.
There can be some rumors about you.
Try to control your interaction with people of the opposite sex.
There can be occasions of mental dissatisfaction and sorrow.
You will need to have patience.
Just put in your best.
This is a period when family life and career life both will undergo tension and you will not be happy.
There are chances of some legal issue coming up.

AUG 2011 :
This month there can be some good level of argument with people.
You will have to be careful in putting forth your points.
People will take time to understand you.
Although things are progressing normally, you will not get mental satisfaction.
There are chances that you may want to change your job.
However if you can turn things around and move into a field where you need to use these skills then you will get good benefit.
You can use this opportunity to enter a debate or work in some marketing presentation or similar area where you need to talk and emphasize your word.
Otherwise you may unnecessarily get into controversy with people.

SEP 2011 :
This month indicates positive changes.
There can be a good opportunity coming your way through your colleagues.
Your mind will be much disturbed as you will want to take some immediate action.
You will need to evaluate all things carefully before taking any decision.
Also it would be good not to enter into any agreement in this month, or if you do so, then you should be willing to spend time on it again.
There are chances of some technical breakthroughs in this month. If you are into some research or invention then this can give you positive material benefits.

OCT 2011 :
This month indicates changes associated with travel.
There may be gains through travel for work.
There are chances that you may have some good company when you travel and this can be the talk of the office.
This month you are again cautioned against working with female employees.
There are chances of some sort of blame coming on you so it would be better to deal carefully and with respect with colleagues.
The rest of the month after 7th is good for material gains.
Family matters will keep you happy.

NOV 2011 :
This month you can expect some positive news from a foreign land.
There are chances of a foreign travel.
But you will be in a dual mind, whether to go or not.
There are gains indicated through travel and you will be benefited by it.
You may get involved with someone at work during this month.

DEC 2011 :
This month you can expect lack of cooperation from your colleagues.
Your health may also not be very good.
You will not be fully satisfied with the way things are going.
There is a need to work on your professional image.
If you can portray that well then you will be able to move ahead.
This is a period to plan your career and not take any action.
However this is the very period when you can make big plans to conquer your enemies and see them through.
It is a perfect period to sharpen your weapons so that you can use them later on.
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