september 12 - 18
It is no secret that you quite exhausted as the last few weeks have tested you emotionally as well as physically, and left you sapped of energy. You have gone through the pangs of anxiety, stress, hyper-activity or over-excitement. All you need now is to detach from the outside world so as to re-charge yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Focus on achieving your bigger targets and don't mind receding a bit now. Legal contracts and written agreements of compromises, if applicable will give you greater control over the matters of competitors and the financers.

On the emotional matters connected with family and romance, you are adaptable, flexible and open-minded. This enables you to exercise self-restraint and channel your energies so that you are a successful person in sensitive matters
September 19 - 25
Discussions, meetings and negotiations will occupy most of your time and you will strive to achieve desired results and exercise good control. On some of the matters, you may wisely make compromises needed to bring your plans to fruition and keep the wheels of progress moving at work. Keep your balance of mind and you will achieve the required pace of growth - or almost

On the home and family front, things are on auto-pilot mode - more or less. An element of surety and stability is keeping you happy at this moment.

During this phase you may be partaking in the religious ceremonies at home or your temple / church with full devotion & fervor.
September 26 - October 2
You will find your computer full of messages and desk loaded files or papers inviting your attention to a number of matters seeking your decision / advice / intervention.

Encouraged by the sudden flow of good reports and results, you are bound to sit down, take notice and re-draw your goals - revising them upwards. Express your gratitude to your higher powers, and place full confidence in your partner / team, this may very well happen.
October 3 - 9
Try not to handle too much at the same time this week.

A new opportunity expands your vision and horizon. Be in the moment, enjoy it, there is a possibility to be total in whatever you are doing when you are completely absorbed.

Be in harmony with the nature and let the river of life takes you in the right direction; you only have what is yours cannot be taken from you and there is no need to be afraid of being cheated; you have nothing to lose.
October 10 - 16
You are enjoying a period of great growth. Opportunities are pouring in.

Inner transformation and growth leads you towards higher levels in personal and professional relationships with a sense of advantage and enthusiasm.

You hear one good news and then another. Your social life can be busy and tiring. Your personal relationships are wonderful and inspiring. Take one steady step at time ladder of success.
October 17 - 23
You can be childlike and innocent in emotional relationship, love, romance; beauty - this a special time for you. You resolve complications and relationships intelligently but find it hard to make decisions.

Guard against self-contradiction and indecision, as you tend to look at both sides of every situation.

Travel and change are on the cards.
October 24 - 30
It's best to dance and soar in the waters of life with a playful attitude and also dive into the depths of emotions to experience the harmony and union with the cosmos.

Avoid cruel and violent people as they tend to take up cudgels with you on non-issue.

You make a breakthrough in old emotional patterns and release yourself from restricting relationships. Beware of an unwelcome visitor or admirer who may take advantage of you. Avoid confrontations!
October 31 - November 6
You are quick to respond easily and enthusiastic to external influences this week.

Avoid somber and serious attitudes as they only get you stuck and blocked.

It's worth your while to stay with established business partnerships and commitments rather than be tempted to break away or look at any new project and opportunities.

Health matters, parents and older relatives may need and demand your time, attention and energy. Your mind-set is transformed and situations move in a positive direction.
November 7 - 13
You have bravely and successfully accepted the recent challenges life offered. You are conscious and aware when making important decisions this week.

The upward movement of the graph of your personal achievements and professional growth continues.

Then there is happy time at family, socializing, networking and entertaining. You excel in getting yourself financial security. You are freely doling out love, happiness, cheerfulness and care, you are bound to receive the same many time more.
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