september 12 - 18
This week you will be busy in improving yourself and your surrounding to make yourself in synchronization with the environment - as the effect is always mutual. If you think good, healthy and positive thoughts you will attract accordingly those things and events into your life.

It is also the time to assess the progress and stock of the situation. Most of the time, you will be busy in analyzing your position and taking action correspondingly. You will be motivated at job and will take careful steps to go ahead. Your confidence will pave the way of success.

It is a harmonious period for married ones and favorable to enjoy at its maximum whether going out for a long drive or to spend memorable evening together
September 19 - 25
Passionate time for married ones when domestic environment is harmonious and your partner is cooperative.

For the much married and family person focus on family matters is on the cards along with a possible confrontation with the spouse. Avoid exchange of hot words if you don't want to repent later.

Good period for singles, as it will be possible for them to find their feelings of love reciprocated at the work place or a place where you visit frequently.
September 26 - October 2
There is harmony and celebration as you are about to welcome the third quarter of the Indian Financial Year. Your spirits are soaring and mind is at peace as you are relaxed both mentally and physically.

You feel strengthened through support from your business partnerships or collaborations and gain from it. Professionally the things are expected to go smooth and you will have full cooperation of everyone around you including the family members.

Your inner strength manifests outside in many ways.

Live this moment fully!
October 3 - 9
Your career growth will proceed in a smooth way and you will be able to experience intrinsic satisfaction along with materialistic progress in salary or status.

Take full advantage of this phase and use your energies to make further inroads in the desired direction.

But avoid greediness at any stage. Try to save money and do not make useless expenditure.
October 10 - 16
Problems at home - including misunderstandings with parents or hard feelings due to property issues will be easier to resolve in these months - especially towards the end of the year. But you must take the first step yourself and not wait others to do so.

If there has been a difficulty with sibling or a child, then talk it through and find the cause. Once done objectively, the remedial measure also is not far away.

It is a good week for the advancement of educational pursuits.
October 17 - 23
This week some of you may be doing crucial negotiations or financial settlements. To ensure desired outcome, you will do well to maintain restraint even in the face of provocation, or perceived deadlock so that an atmosphere of trust and optimism prevails in everyone's minds.

Just keep your mind's eye focused on your target all the time. At the same time, remind yourself that success has come to you only after hard work during this year.
October 24 - 30
This phase activates the emotional side of your personality, connecting you with your solar twelfth house, so you'd be wise to say no to risky things. Play your cards close to your chest.

Anger grows as the planets form a new combination indicating some form of difficulty, and the applecart of relationships, either general or personal, could be easily upset. Therefore, be diplomatic or remain silent, avoiding conflict, especially with neighbors / siblings. The later part of the week could see you out of this phase.
October 31 - November 6
The planets are forming a new combination strongly suggesting the winds of change.

Accept the change wholeheartedly, as it would give you something new to look forward to and may even open new doors of opportunities.

There'll be a new link in the network of communications. It could be a new phone, a new contact or a new communication received from someone, but it would attract your attention.
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