september 12 - 18
The Wheel of Fortune spins new combinations for the Taureans this week. The matters relating to your work & profession (for students, it is their academic world) are under the spot light.

Now you can loosen your grip and feel the independence and security which are yours as a result of growth and development which you have achieved.

You are also likely to gain better position and standing in professional or business aspects this week. At the same time, you may not be having a very pleasant or satisfactory feeling regarding your partners or business associates or colleagues at the work place..
September 19 - 25
Rough followed by smooth, tough followed yielding, harsh followed by soft, this is how you are likely to turn the unfavorable situations and people in your favor this week.

You are likely to workout a formula for a harmony in personal relationships and a peaceful accord or an amicable compromise in professional situations this week

With your conscious efforts, you usher in an opportunity for outer change and inner transformation in your life this week. A risk pays off, as you are daring and adventurous. You can expect material wealth and a positive influence as things change progressively at work and at home.
September 26 - October 2
Your mind is working over time, churning ideas after ideas, thinking thoughts after thoughts. It's best to focus on one thing at a time to achieve goals rather than try to do too many things at the same time this week. A few diverse issues or projects may need your time and attention. Keep your energy levels high as you have busy work schedules and social obligations to fulfill. Multifarious activity can be tiring and depleting, focus on priorities.

Generally, you are going to feel free, energetic and expansive as energies are quite balanced this week. Guard against people with negative attitudes and repetitive patterns.
October 3 - 9
You are in a unique or perhaps in a somewhat different mood this week. Apparently not working, yet you may be holding secret meetings with regard to your work only.

There are chances that you are either in a remote place and if not then you are unapproachable to others. You may be taking interest or taking advantage of alternate healing, meditation, prayers etc. This looks like somewhat paradoxical week.

A business meeting / meeting of business associates is also important this week as decision to support or reject members or partners in the business venture is taken now.
October 10 - 16
Perhaps the secret meetings, or planning in isolation are going to be taken further by you as you may be looking favorably at new ventures or alternative sources of income etc.

At the same time it would be wise to examine all the legal aspects lest there are issues on account of non compliance of statutory regulations.

It is best not to postpone what you want to do, and you may feel incomplete and unhappy if you don't follow your heart now. In other words, this week shall demand a fine balancing act from you and you are expected to do your best
October 17 - 23
Your cautious approach, fine balancing will yield quick and beneficial results this week.

Just keep your mind's eye focused on your target all the Your pursuit to achieve something extra will take you to meet a lot of new people, especially the project consultants and legal experts. So while you are being a dutiful family member, you are also going through a hectic schedule on account of your business or job this week. You are really enjoying the combination of these hot and cold items of dessert....aren't you!
October 24 - 30
You spend quality time with the one you love. Tender moments are shared with your partner. Family and friends too are supportive as per the astro calculations and add zest to your life.

On the professional front, you have mixed feelings of failure and success as some business projects or similar work related issues do well while the report about others are unsatisfactory

Health problems need to be attended to or they can get out of hand. It's best to Think positively and stay away from negative and destructive people.
October 31 - November 6
This is a time when you need to be alert, yet inert, patient and waiting for something important to happen. Surprises are on the cards. Therefore, studying the movements of the planets, I'd advice you to refrain from making grand plans or having great expectations to avoid disappointment.

A loved one is helpful and friendly while a close friend can be in deep trouble.

Don't allow yourself to get stressed and disturbed by all that is happening around you. Maintain regular fitness routines and healthy diet programs. Accept yourself as you are and the people around you as they are - if you want to save your energy.
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