september 12 - 18
The resolution of an emotional problem or conflict will bring with it a sense of inner peace, this week.

For some of you, after a significant change in your love life, you will encounter change and the need to make an important choice. Necessary changes in your love life will come about if you are self-confident and sure of your feelings, your status and the events going on around you.
September 19 - 25
You are using all your skills, energy and spirit of initiatives to ensure that an agreement with a foreign / far off company is finalized to the satisfaction of all and singed.

It is time for you to make key choices and implement decisive initiatives as dictated by your sense of responsibility and plan of action to achieve your targets. They will also prove useful to the stability of your finances.
September 26 - October 2
You might find that a great weight has been put on your shoulders. You feel pulled or stretched in different direction by a number of issues relating to personal to family to financial to professional. You may not be able to execute a plan or act on your own initiative, but by tackling the task at hand and making clear your own professional ability and good intentions, you will succeed in redressing the situation.

Whether acknowledged formally or not, you are the catalyst for the family well being and the welfare that brings so much joy.
October 3 - 9
You are in a perfectly good position to resolve any problem that you may have or to face challenges or upheavals in your life.

If during this week, you feel constrained by, or over-dependent on your family circle, change your thoughts and mind set. You, however, are the only one who can make an appropriate response or take the unselfish and courageous steps that are needed to regain control over your domestic circumstances.

In case of illness, you should make a full recovery.
October 10 - 16
You are confident, gracious and balanced when dealing with people and situations this week. At this point of time, you enjoy yourself by indulging in luxuries and shopping for new styles and gadgets to make life more comfortable

If you are an adult member of the family owning up your share of responsibilities then you bring material stability, abundance and physical well being for the family and yourself through comprehension, discipline and thoughtfulness.

Beware of a crafty woman who may cause damage to reputation or peace of mind by drawling you into a controversy. Some meaningful connections and loving relationships are likely to come closer while others are bound to fall apart;
October 17 - 23
A sudden influx of success sends you soaring.

You have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to achieve success in the professional arena this week

Your acceptance of personal and professional challenges, accommodating to others' view points makes you popular figure and leads to success, exposure and fame.

You play a pivotal role in the family and influence children and their future. Enjoy abundance and fulfillment that life brings and share it generously with loved ones!
October 24 - 30
You are going to be in high spirits this week, overall. Your energies are finely tuned and balanced within you to provide inner strength and vigor with radiance outside

Overall, this is going to be a week of creative ideas and fun filled activities for you.

At the same time, this is not the appropriate period to finalize matters relating to Real Estate deals or doing any alterations/modifications in the house.

While socializing drink only in moderation and don't keep too much money or valuables in your pockets.
October 31 - November 6
You are lucky in love and have loyal friends around you who give you attention and care when you need it.

Love and understanding in personal relationships are an invaluable support for achieving victory in competitive situations and business ventures.

The offer of support from an elderly family member or an influential friend will take concrete shape this week.

Conquer the temporary problems with the blessings of elders / wise men / benefactors. Keep a check on wasteful expenditure, save and invest wisely.

Generally, confidence, comfort, loving and traveling are the highlights of this week
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